White Barn and Patchwork Fields

The mid to late summer fields often make me think of an old patchwork quilt, when the wheat and oats ripen to a golden color among the green of the corn and soybeans, here in the Midwestern Heartland.   The purple of the sky makes me think of the old quilt top that my great grandmother had made and I found in my grandfathers trunk years ago, while the white barn of my other grandfathers farm. 

patchwork 12 x 12 purple sky FranceGallery.net .jpg



American Road Trip - Country Landscape Paintings

Thank you to Ugallery for featuring my farm paintings in their curated collection "American Road Trip" 


Serene in the expanses of the American Heartland, Sharon France paints captivatingly simple and bucolic landscapes that express the idealism of farm life. Through clear tripartite compositional divisions – background, mid-ground, and foreground – she creates a harmony throughout her canvas.

My paintings on Ugallery

“I love to travel through the back roads of the American heartland during the summer. The young rows of corn and soybeans look like long ribbons of green with the dark brown Midwestern soil between them. By midsummer, fields of oats and wheat ripen to a beautiful, light golden-brown color. The combination of the corn, soybean fields and pastures, make me think of lovely old patchwork quilts. I find endless inspiration for my paintings on the back roads of the American Heartland.” –Sharon


Source: https://www.ugallery.com/art/acrylic-painting-Quietly-Grazing