White Barn and Patchwork Fields

The mid to late summer fields often make me think of an old patchwork quilt, when the wheat and oats ripen to a golden color among the green of the corn and soybeans, here in the Midwestern Heartland.   The purple of the sky makes me think of the old quilt top that my great grandmother had made and I found in my grandfathers trunk years ago, while the white barn of my other grandfathers farm. 

patchwork 12 x 12 purple sky FranceGallery.net .jpg



Along an Old Fence Row

My inspiration for this painting came from the draft horses that I found in a rural pasture a couple of years ago.  I painted them into aquiet country scene from my imagination.  I miss seeing the old fenced fields and pastures that were common when I was growing up and often add them to my country paintings. 

This piece measures  18" x 14" x .75 and is done in acrylic on stretched canvas.  The sides of this gallery wrap canvas are painted to match and it is wired to hang, so that no framing is necessary.