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It all started when...

Sharon's current available paintings can be viewed through the below online gallery links. 


 UGALLERY       Medium to larger paintings found here. 
FRANCEGALLERY      Smaller to medium size paintings found here. 

Even as a child, Sharon knew that she wanted to grow up to be an artist some day.  Her painting style leans towards Realism, although she often use elements of Tonalism and Minimalism in them.   She has been inspired by the Hudson River School Artists, Minimalists, Tonalists, and Realist artists for heroriginal art.   Sharon paints in acrylic, oil and soft pastel, although she most often works in acrylic on stretched canvas for her Heartland landscapes.  She paints in a process that builds up many layers, using both wet and dry brush techniques, for her paintings.   Sharon's art has been described as having an intriguing peacefulness, in its quiet simplicity.

Sharon received a Bachelors of Fine Art Degree from Northern Illinois University.   her paintings are in numerous private collections throughout the United States, as well as in: Canada, France, Iceland, Portugal, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Australia. 

Two of her paintings were selected to hang in the "THIS OLD HOUSE" Magazine's Show House "Cloudland Cottage" fall 2015.  Sharon's paintings have been used for cover art on several books including: Praying with your Whole Heart, Three Ways of Loving God, a heritage cook book "Family Favorites by Cinagro Farm," and on a classical music CD "Wingra Plays Dvorak".   An article on her originallandscape paintings was featured on the online art magazine “Empty Easel”.  

Sharon has always had afascinationwith old farmsteads, especially the old farmhouses and barns foundon them.  Some of her fondest childhood memories and inspiration come from the visits to her grandparent's remote Midwestern farm.  It was set downa very long lane, that eventually wound around the old barn, horse pasture, granary, corn crib, machine shed, and chicken house, to end up at their old farmhouse.  The white picket fence ran across the front of the yard and the croquet set would be set up on the lawn.  Grandma would have homemade pies cooling on the kitchen counter.  As her favorite place to be, it felt like a little bit of heaven here on earth, to Sharon back then!

 Some collector's comments on Sharon's paintings.

"Could look at these paintings for hours.  What simplicity yet detail."

"I am from a farm…this painting pulls at my heartstrings - well worth it!!"

"Absolutely beautiful.  Worth every cent. Highly recommend.  Very talented. "

"I hope you also know the gratitude in what you have chosen to create."

"I will treasure this painting always”. beautiful painting, very nicely packaged. "

"Stunning! Gorgeous painting that will get best wall in the house!   Thank you!!!!"

"I just love how your paintings make me feel like I am standing on the side of a road,
smack dab in the middle of the prairie, looking at a far-away farm beyond green fields."